If you have been injured due to another party's negligence or carelessness, we can help. Whether it's an injury due to a car, truck, motorcycle or boating accident, or you have sustained an injury on the premises of a retailer or homeowner, or have lost a loved one due to wrongful death, we are here to handle your case with compassion and expert legal advice. The Law Office of Robert N. Zimmerman has been facilitating personal injury claims for more than 20 years, with our focus on your well-being while we help you get the settlement you deserve . Call today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your personal injury case.

At the Law Office of Robert N. Zimmerman, you can trust that you are receiving the most compassionate and legally sound advice at competitive rates. You have direct access to Mr. Zimmerman, rather than a paralegal or office assistant. We offer some of the most competitive rates in our respective areas of law, and offer free consultations in any legal matter. Having legal issues is stressful enough - you shouldn't have to worry about the complicated legal process as well.

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Divorce, Paternity and Child Custody

Difficult issues facing families can bring about a great deal of undue stress. Know that you're not alone. The Law Office of Robert N. Zimmerman has helped many families through the hardships of divorce, paternity suits and child custody matters. Your well-being is at the center of our practice - we handle your case with compassion and a solid understanding of just how personal family matters are. If you are seeking a divorce, need counsel in a pending divorce case, need to establish paternity and/or are navigating a child custody dispute, Robert N. Zimmerman has the experience and insight that your case deserves.

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The difficult decisions regarding either the loss of a loved one or planning for your future, Robert Zimmerman has been compassionately and competently helping families  for decades.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • How would your family handle financial affairs in the event of your untimely death?
  • Who would care for your children if, for some reason, neither parent is able to do so?
  • Who would you trust to handle your financial affairs if you could not longer do it yourself?
  • Have you lost a loved one - with or without a Will - and need help navigating the probate court?

The Law Office of Robert N. Zimmerman handles a range of legal issues, including Estate Planning, and Probate and

Trust Administration.


Contracts encompass a wide range of agreements, from the purchase and sale of goods and services to real estate transactions, employment agreements and insurance disputes. Ideally, the parties to a contract will uphold their end of the bargain; but things go wrong, ambiguities arise, and a contract can become a liability. If you are involved in a contract dispute,  call the Law Office of Robert N. Zimmerman to schedule a free consultation at 813.655.4900.  All contract cases will be considered.