Robert N. Zimmerman, Jr.

has been practicing consumer bankruptcy law before the new U.S. Bankruptcy Code (BAPCPA) was enacted. His experience helps make your case as stress-free as possible.


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During his bankruptcy practice he has had the opportunity to deal with many issues in bankruptcy, including but not limited to:
1. Non-discharge of student loans (the burden of proving an undue hardship)
2. Equitable versus legal interest in motor vehicles
3. Fraudulent conveyances
4. Challenges to Florida exemptions
5. Discharge and non-discharge of income taxes
6. Florida tenancy by entirety of joint bank accounts and other personal property
7. Determination of secured status of creditors
8. Judicial lien removal from homestead
​ 9. Objections to confirmation of Chapter 13 plans
10. Challenges to Chapter 7 filings when the debtor passes the means test
11. Lien Stripping and Cram Down in Chapter 13
12. Extension of automatic stay in repeat filing cases
13. Redeeming Property in Chapter 7

The list above is but a few of the more common issues that arise in consumer bankruptcy cases. It takes time for a lawyer to gain experience in the multiple issues that can arise. Mr.Zimmerman has the experience that was gained from dealing with many diverse issues and he was actively practicing bankruptcy law in October of 2005 when sweeping changes were made to the US Bankruptcy Code. Consequently, Mr. Zimmerman has been practicing bankruptcy under BAPCPA (revised bankruptcy code) for as long as the BAPCPA has been law. The economy has been slow for a few years now, which has caused other lawyers to enter the bankruptcy practice. However, many lack the experience that only comes with time. Mr. Zimmerman offers services below market value, allowing clients to receive the benefit of an experienced attorney while paying less then the new-to-bankruptcy lawyers. It has come to our attention that some of the lawyers are sending their prospective clients home with excessive forms to fill out and then having a paralegal or secretary convert the information into bankruptcy format. Mr. Zimmerman's experience has led to using his own staff to do the work rather than making the client prepare their own bankruptcy.

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Robert N. Zimmerman graduated from Thomas M Cooley Law School in 1990 with a JD. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1991.
 It was in 2001 when Mr. Zimmerman first became interested in bankruptcy law. Since that time, his bankruptcy practice expanded and now individual consumer bankruptcy is an important part of his practice.