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Our goals are to provide you with sound advice and competent representation while keeping it affordable.

We start by listening to you and asking questions. Bankruptcy can be very helpful under the right facts but harmful under others. Consequently, your best interest must come first.

Robert N Zimmerman, Jr.

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  The author of this website is a lawyer licensed to practice in the state of Florida and the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida. It is against the law and         unethical to provide legal advice or otherwise practice law in a venue where the attorney is not licensed. All of the bankruptcy information contained in this website is provided for educational purposes only. Please bear in mind that state law effects bankruptcy issues. General education helps people understand bankruptcy but it is not a substitute for legal advice by a competent attorney licensed in the state and the Court where a person files bankruptcy. Further, not all Bankruptcy Courts interpret the U.S. Bankruptcy Code the same way. Consequently, counsel familiar with the court where the petition is filed in is very important.

Robert N. Zimmerman, Jr.                                                           The Hiring of a Lawyer                                      We are a debt relief agency
 Offices in Brandon Florida                                                           is an important decision                                    We help people file for bankruptcy
 1104 N Parsons Ave.  Ste. C                                                          that should not be based                                   Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code  
 Brandon, FL 33510                                                                         on advertising alone

Filing Fees Charged by the Court:

$335.00 for Chapter 7

$310.00 for Chapter 13

There are other costs and attorney fees. Call and compare prices.